Colored Bamboo Veneer that You Can Not Miss
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Bamboo is one of sustainable, low-carbon, environmental friendly materials in the world. Bamboo materials (bamboo flooring / bamboo plywood/ bamboo veneer) are mainly produced by scientific processes. They have many advantages such as easy to process, good mechanical properties (compression resistance/ tensile resistance/ bending resistance), which are better than wood. However, bamboo material lacks of options in colors and textures, resulting limitations of more applications. The emergence of colored bamboo veneer bring a new future for bamboo industry. It will create more ideas for furniture, decoration, and handicraft. With involving new technology of coloring bamboo strips, our factory can totally change the color of bamboo from original natural to multiple cheerful tones. The coloring process brings bamboo plentiful colors rather than wood species, but remains the natural attributes of bamboo, without destroying bamboo’s environmental advantages. Colored bamboo veneer is made from bamboo material treated with special dyeing so that the dye inside the bamboo. And then slice the bamboo panel into bamboo veneer. You will see the bamboo fiber has also been dyed. This makes bamboo veneer fresh and natural, maintaining the original properties of bamboo. Colored bamboo veneer can be used for carrier material like MDF, multiple layers plywood,…

Hand Scraped Bamboo Flooring
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In the event that you are enamored with the green development that is fought frequently nowadays, you must be considering what commitment that you can do with backing such development. Obviously it is an extraordinary thought to spare the earth, however, frequently to actualize it in the day-by-day life it is as of now befuddling. In the event that joining in such crusade is insufficient, perhaps you have to consider further activities to make your life closer to nature’s turf. It does not imply that you must live in the wilderness, or leave the majority of your exercises in the workplace for dealing with the production lines that are having some difficulty with their contamination. You can at present take part in this development in your most advantageous way. You are the person who can choose what the best choice for you is. One of the courses is by making the more environment neighborly safe house. In the event that you need to make something other than what is expected with the house where you live today in the wake of choosing to help the green development, you can begin it by making redesign in a few parts of the…

Strand Woven Bamboo Floors Reviews
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Bamboo flooring is one of the upcoming materials in today’s market. Bamboo flooring is eco-friendly and has many advantages over hardwood flooring. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant. Since bamboo can be re-harvested every 3-5 years it is considered a grass. It is a very strong and elegant material for flooring. Bamboo floor includes various varieties like solid, engineered, strand woven, click, click strand, heating, decking, industrial and flooring accessories. Strand woven bamboo is made by compressing “strands” of the bamboo strips under intense pressure, while using a heat-sensitive low VOC adhesive. The bamboo poles are fused under a cold press of 2,500 tons of pressure after they are spilt and shredded into individual strands. The block is sliced into flooring with T+G system and coatings are applied once the curing process is completed. Conditioning of strand woven bamboo is by soaking it in boric acid. When the cut bamboo is put in containers of boric acid, the live cells start soaking the boric acid making it pest proof in all cells of bamboo. These cut bamboo pieces are then dried after making sure that boric acid has gone through all the cells. Once totally dried, they crash the entire…

How Sustainable Is Bamboo Plywood
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If you have chosen bamboo plywood for building or renovating your home, you have indeed taken a vital step towards shaping a brighter and greener future for your kids and family. Bamboo is a grass and if you have a bamboo plant in the middle of your garden, you got to cut it all the time as it grows incredibly fast. While that might create a nuisance for you, it’s really an amazing thing about bamboo plants. In fact, bamboo grows so rapidly that the plant can produce around 20 times more material (for construction) compared to the hardwood trees in any given area of land. The cropping cycle is between four to six years, which means you can cut the plant every four to six years (now compare it against the cropping cycle of hardwood trees that can be cut every 30-60 years). The minimal replanting needs actually makes bamboo, and bamboo plywood, a sustainable material for the construction industry at large. It also reduces soil erosion. Bamboo is a stronger building material than steel. It is also more renewable than any metallic component and it goes back to the nature once it reaches its end-of-life. The density of…

Bothbest Exotic Bamboo Veneer Sheet Reviews
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Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and since it can be easily harvested in every 3-5 years, it is considered as a grass. It is green and strong and its elegance makes it a very subtle choice for veneer production. Bamboo veneer manufacturing requires bamboo blocks laminated with water-proof adhesive and kiln-dried bamboo strips. After lamination of the bamboo blocks, they are conditioned and soaked for two weeks and then sliced into veneer sheets. It is more difficult to produce bamboo veneer than solid wood veneers because of the glue joints that reduce yield. In order to provide more stability and strength, this veneer is backed with either a paper or fabric fleece material. Nowadays, bamboo veneers are used for many interior applications such as wall decoration, ceiling, furniture covering and furniture production. Based on their colors, these veneers can be categorized into natural and carbonized with horizontal or vertical bamboo veneer grain pattern. Vertical bamboo veneers are side pressed while horizontal bamboo veneers are flat pressed in one direction only. Bamboo strips in vertical veneers have such an orientation on edges that “knuckles” are almost invisible giving a neater and flowing appearance. On the other hand horizontal veneers feature…

Click Lock Bamboo Flooring Reviews
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Bamboo flooring is a process of manufacturing floor from raw bamboo trees. Bamboo is regarded as a grass since it can easily be harvested within 3-5years. Bamboo floors are a beautiful and more durable alternative for hardwoods. Bamboo flooring is an easy to install eco-friendly flooring which provides a wide range of color options. Bamboo flooring has a wide range of floorings like solid, strand woven, engineered, click, click strand, heating, decking, industrial and flooring accessories. Click bamboo flooring is of two types: Click lock bamboo flooring and Click strand woven bamboo flooring. A modified design of engineered bamboo flooring, the click lock bamboo flooring is also known as DIY Bamboo Flooring. This click lock system is produced by Homag machine which can make zero tolerance and. Click bamboo flooring is very easy to install and the installation process can be done by most of the people without too much difficulty. With the click lock bamboo flooring, you can snap planks together and “float” on top of a sub-floor. It is available in two sizes: 1900 x 190 x 14 mm and 2200 x 190 x 14 mm. This flooring is accessible in natural and carbonized colors with vertical or horizontal designs….

Environmental Advantages Of Bothbest Bamboo Flooring
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Bamboo flooring has been an ideal route for environment friendly consumers since it is a plant, not a tree and therefore is a renewable resource . After every harvest, the plant will re-grow to be gathered again, while an oak tree for example, won’t. Bamboo plants only take 5 years to reach maturity when it reaches 50 ft high while traditional hardwood takes a minimum of 30 years and sometimes taking up to two centuries. Bamboo flooring is really resilient, it doesn’t dent, scratch or put on as rapidly and simply as traditional hardwood floors. There is a smaller amount needed for repair and maintenance. It is also a more eco-friendly material as it requires less chemicals to wash and repair which eco conscious customers will notice. Bamboo is treated with mildew and insect resistant solutions to adjust to places where you have to be worried of termites. It is also a great choice for areas where there is a lot of moisture in the air. Eco conscious customers need not to worry because this method is performed securely and without the utilization of harsh chemicals. Customers nowadays have become more aware and concerned about the environment and thus designers…

How to Maintain Healthy Bamboo Veneer Furniture
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A wide range of furniture items are manufactured from bamboo veneer, flooring being one of them. Bamboo furniture has an earthy and light feel, which is why the veneer is considered ideal for patios, porches as well as balconies. But you also need to know how to maintain your bamboo veneer furniture. Here today, we will share some tips with you. 1. Keep your bamboo veneer furniture away from fire and heat source, or not exposure to sunshine for a long time. That will make the bamboo veneer furniture easy to fade, dry, deform, bend, crack and loosen. 2. For cleaning, you can use vacuum cleaner for the first time and then use a soft brush to sweep from the inside to outside. And then wipe with a damp cloth, and finally with a soft cloth to get it completely dried. 3. After a period of time, wipe your bamboo veneer furniture with light brine to protect it from crisp and worm holes. 4. Bamboo contains rich cellulose, lignin and sugar, fat, protein, these ingredients are nutrition of insects and termites. So we must take certain measures to prevent insects to increase the service life of your bamboo veneer furniture. It is…

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring: Exoticness Blended with Durability
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Strand woven bamboo flooring, or simply woven flooring, is indeed a very intriguing flooring surface pattern that is much harder and stronger than many other conventional flooring patterns. The bamboo strands are woven together to make the flooring highly durable. After installation, the pattern looks fantastic and unusually attractive. Many manufacturers actually claim that their strand woven bamboo flooring products are resistant to explosives too, which is most possibly not true. But it’s a fact that strand woven bamboo flooring has no better alternative when it comes to green flooring. The strips of the floor are quite easy to maintain and you can also refinish the floor with the help of a professional of course. The bamboo strips are processed using a special method, for producing woven bamboo floor as one single board. This kind of board comes in fantastic colour options and the hardness is quite high on Janka scale. Since bamboo is a renewable resource, it is an environment friendly choice for flooring. However, the tallest grass on the planet is also high on aesthetic quotient. Compared to traditional hardwood, bamboo grows at least ten times faster. This allows the leading manufacturers to focus more on design efficiencies and…

Décor Your Home Deck With Bamboo
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Bamboo is not something which pops into mind when one thinks of decks! The vision that hovers is that of a wide horizon, the sound of gull cries, the waves crashing against the boulders or you looking out at the verdant greenery as the case may be. What does not change in either case scenario is the vision of the wide gleaming deck, smooth, rich and absolutely inviting probably made of Cedar or some other exotic woods. Why not give the humble Bamboo a chance to shine and enhance the beauty of your house? Bamboo is harder than Pine and Maple; it has clear grains. Bamboo can be cleaned and stained to one’s utmost satisfaction. Types of Bamboo to Choose for the Deck There are basically two kinds of bamboo, sold for the purpose of building a deck, Solid laminated lengths and Strand woven pieces. Solid Laminated Lengths: This is the preferred material while constructing a deck. The boards for the deck are made from long lengths of bamboo. The boards are then laminated with glue. The solid laminated length bamboos become more stable and do not split or break easily. The bamboos are normally kiln dried. These solid laminated…

Bamboo Veneer Widely Used for Household Items
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In veneer industry, the majority market share is occupied by wood species, throughout the world, many types of natural veneer, as many as 300 or more. It has widest varieties. Natural veneer is mainly made of natural wood and bamboo, Veneer material is used in furniture coverings and other decoration applications, it has the characteristics of precious wood species. Common types of furniture veneer includes Fraxinus mandshurica, teak, birch, rosewood, gold shadow veneer, acid wood veneer, ebony, red shadow veneer, peach core tree branch veneer, cherry veneer, black walnut veneer, pecan veneer , Red oak skin, white oak skin, maple veneer, boxwood veneer, incense veneer, veneer, Brazil rosewood veneer, red sandalwood veneer. Bamboo is pretty different than wood veneer because of its raw material. With the strong respect of bamboo materials, bamboo products in the market becomes more and more popular. You can see bamboo veneer, bamboo flooring, bamboo furniture and other bamboo products for household. Bamboo products not only enrich people’s daily life, but also provide healthier living environment because of its environmental friendly and low carbon properties. Bamboo veneer is a new material made of bamboo, which is widely used in decoration, building materials, flooring and other industries….

Innovative Uses of Bamboo Paneling
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Aesthetics! Aesthetics have become an integral part of anyone on a spree to buy a home; coupled with the aesthetics is the desire to have an Eco friendly home. Many eco conscious citizens the world over are opting for Eco friendly interiors or to install Eco friendly furniture’s objects in their house and office. While many are driven by the desire to be unique, few others are opting for Eco friendly objects/wood works because of their cost efficiency. Strangely enough, one wood fulfills the demands of being cost efficient, unique, and aesthetic and also Eco friendly – that wood is Bamboo. Modern Man’s Answer to Eco Conservation Yes, alright, bamboo is a grass; every Eco conscious person is aware of that, but at the same time one is equally aware of its tensile strength, its resistant properties, thus making it an attractive alternative to other costlier woods. There are many uses of Bamboo. More and more developers have begun to use bamboo innovatively turning Bamboo into a Swiss army knife of furniture’s. Environmental green bamboo paneling is a cost effective way to add beauty to any décor, be it indoors or outdoors. They are easy to maintain and do not require…

Install Bamboo Flooring 4 Reasons
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Recently bamboo flooring is gaining much response and has become favorable flooring choice for almost every room in home. Not only it looks stunning but also bamboo is comparatively cheap compared to other types of hardwood floorings. The elegant yet distinctive grain pattern and natural color of bamboo adapts to almost any décor themes and helps a great deal in bringing authenticity and beauty to entire interior décor of home. If you still have not considered installing bamboo flooring in your property then here are few reasons why you should do it. How Bamboo Flooring Is Advantageous For Durability and Hardness: When it comes to durability and hardness then bamboo is considered as one of the prime flooring options comparative to its rivals of hardwood and laminated floors. Tests and studies have already proven that mature bamboo is actually much harder than red oak and little harder than maple, that is commonly used in US homes for flooring. Being tropical grass bamboo is natural water and moisture resistant that protects floor from denting, gaping, cupping and wrapping increasing its durability in many folds. With good care and regular maintenance bamboo floors can last by maintaining their natural look for more than 25…

Tips About Maintaining Bamboo Flooring
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Nowadays when purchasing in building materials market, it is common to fine bamboo flooring, which is one of the new type home or office decoration materials in recent years. In fact, bamboo flooring becomes more and more popular and it becomes lots of people’s first choice when selecting floor for home or office decoration. Just as its name implies, bamboo flooring is made from natural and high quality bamboo, meanwhile, compared with other common floors such as wooden floor or floor tile, bamboo flooring will give people the feeling of natural beauty, together with durable practicability. If you select bamboo flooring for home or office decoration, you make your wise decision, however, this is not the end, because you have to pay more attention on cleaning and maintenance of bamboo flooring, only by this way, its service life would be lengthened greatly. In the following article, we will mainly discuss how to maintain bamboo flooring, please follow me to learn if you are interested in such topic. Firstly, please use right ways to clean floor, for example, in order to avoid the damage of painting film on bamboo flooring, it is not right to clean with water containing soda or soap-suds. In…

Buy Top Quality Bamboo Flooring
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The development history of bamboo flooring in China is not too long, in fact, it is only eight or nine years. In recent years, bamboo flooring industry develops rapidly and lots of bamboo flooring products can be found in market. When selecting flooring for home decoration, bamboo flooring becomes people’s first choice because of its remarkable characteristics, for example, it is natural, durable, healthy and environmentally friendly, what’s more, it is great decoration to show your cultural taste. However, please be careful that there are sill some poor quality bamboo flooring in market because there are huge differences between different bamboo flooring manufacturing enterprises such as production equipment, production technology and so on. Here are some useful tips you can adopt when buying bamboo flooring Firstly, all the product information should be integrated. Generally speaking, the top quality product, not only bamboo flooring, have integrated product information such as manufacturer, brand, product standard, inspection level, instructions, after-sales service and so on. With these integrated product information, it is the signal that such bamboo flooring is manufactured by formal enterprises with a certain scale, therefore its quality can be guaranteed. Secondly, pay attention on bamboo flooring appearance and painting quality. As…

Reasons to Choose Bamboo Veneer over Wooden Veneer
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These days, architects, woodworkers and interior designers are seemingly in love with the bamboo veneer. This is because they have gotten used to facing one common question from their prospective buyers – “How can we possibly turn our home/office flooring greener and more eco-friendly?” Well, reducing carbon footprints is a priority of both individuals and businesses and quite rightly so. The simply answer to this question is a two-word phrase – bamboo veneer. Aside from the aesthetics, there are other good reasons to choose bamboo over wooden or any other type of veneer. Here are top five reasons to prefer bamboo veneer over other sorts of materials. Bamboo veneers are eco-friendly alternatives Bamboo veneer is the most eco-friendly flooring and decking material as of now. Though it is a variant of wood veneer only, it can be classified separately. Bamboo is classified as grass, and technically it’s not wood. However, bamboo has the same hardness, and in cases, more hardness than the wood veneer. One cannot take away the fact that bamboo is a completely renewable resource. Intelligent and sustainable harvesting of bamboo, which takes place in large parts of China, provides a new direction to this. Bamboo veneer is…

Comprehensive Understanding Bamboo Flooring
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The new bamboo decorative material such as bamboo flooring are considered as the most environmentally friendly material. On the one hand, it comes from natural raw material, and it is warm in cold winter and cool in hot summer, on the other hand, lots of forest resources are excessive deforestation and can not be recovered in the short time, bamboo raw material, without doubt, is the best substitute goods. On the consumer white paper about bamboo flooring which was published in recent days, it clearly pointed out that bamboo flooring is the environmentally friendly decorative material from its raw material, manufacture and quality control, however, there are still some shortcomings, as consumer, we should have the comprehensive understanding. At firstly, let us talk about the merit and demerit of bamboo flooring Generally speaking, there is only a little chromatic aberration on bamboo flooring when comparing with solid wooden flooring, here is the reason, as you know, the growth radius of bamboo is too much less than that of wood, so that it will not be affected by sunlight, as a result, there is no obvious nightside and sunny side. When paving bamboo flooring at home, you can clearly see its abundant bamboo…

Bamboo Flooring Industry Development
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When talking about bamboo flooring market, lots of people have the same viewpoint that bamboo flooring would be the main flooring in the market, however, its current situation is not very good. Do you know which factors have affected the development of bamboo flooring market? In fact, in order to enlarge the its market shares, some obstacles should be overcome. As for a emerging industry, bamboo flooring only develop a few years in our country, and now according to latest statistic data, the market shares of bamboo flooring in the whole flooring market is less than 5 percent, however, there are lots of remarkable advantages for the bamboo flooring industry development, for example, both the gross area and output of all kinds of bamboo resource rank the first all over the world, what’s more, 90 percent of moso bamboo grows in our country, as is known to all, among all these bamboo resource, moso bamboo has better performance and high value in use. In following article, we will mainly discuss why bamboo flooring industry is not developed very well at here. Firstly, we should consider the industry gross profit rate, in fact, no matter which industry you want to participate, gross profit…

How to Clean Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring
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Strand woven bamboo flooring has so nice looking, so strong durability, so high density, people love it unbelievably. They wonder how to maintain and clean this lovely bamboo flooring to extend its life. Some owners complain about cleaning strand woven bamboo flooring. In fact, it is not difficult. Make use of some ordinary items and you will find it easy to clean your floor. Here today, we will share some amazing tips with you. 1. Clean strand woven bamboo flooring with candles You can collect remaining candles and then cut off the wick. Add some turpentine in wax, and place it to boil in cold water. You can store it in a pot after cooling. You can make it a little hot before you use it to clean the bamboo flooring. That will be easier for cleaning. 2. Make the lotion by yourself Put soft soap, fuller earth, soda in a large pot with certain portion. Boil them to half volume, then store it after cooling. Brush with the liquid along the lines of strand woven bamboo flooring, and then wash the floor with water and make it dry. 3. Make good use of oil, milk and tea When you…

Common Bamboo Flooring Problems Solution
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As you know, in cold winter, the climate is too much dry, especially in northern area, at this time, some people will complain that the bamboo flooring inside becomes to crack and they think it is quality problem, in fact, this is not the case, in order to avoid such terrible condition, you have to pay more attention on the humidity indoor because of bamboo flooring’s specific material. Please follow related tips below to deal with terrible bamboo flooring condition. Firstly, floor crack The main reason for such condition is dry environment indoor, as usual, bamboo flooring is easy to be shrank because of lacking of moisture, which finally leads to crack. At the same time, once bamboo flooring was soaked in water, they will crack after being affected with damp. What’s more, when flooring bamboo flooring at home, the distance between different flooring should be enough, otherwise, it would crack once being heated or affected with damp. If you want to prevent crack, it is important to take useful ventilation methods, as usual, the humidity indoor should be kept between 40 percent and 80 percent. In addition, it is recommended to use humidifier in winter. In daily life, please…