Bamboo Veneer: Properties and Regular Applications
Uncategorized / 10/10/2016

Wood is often the most voted choice for many of the furniture makers as well as home owners these days. However, wood is not a cheap option for many and this is a reason why many homeowners and furniture makers these days choose bamboo veneer over wood veneer for making their furniture sets. Why bamboo is a more practical choice than wood veneer? How to do the regular maintenance of bamboo veneer? Here are the answers. The best bamboo veneer is found in China China is often dubbed as the bamboo capital of the world and all of the top producers of bamboo veneer are still nestled in this country. Some of the earliest bamboo products, majority of which are household items, were found in China. Before the invention of paper, Chinese people used to write on bamboo slips. It thus became a key component in spreading Chinese culture. If you thought that the west has never embraced the idea of using bamboo for making furniture items and other sorts of things, here’s a trivia. The first telephone invented by Graham Bell was made of nothing but bamboo. Also, Thomas Alva Edison used bamboo in some of his earliest inventions….