Outdoor Density Bamboo Decking Maintenance Skills


Now many parks or leisure venues have begun to use the outdoor heavy bamboo flooring as a floor of the special. After all, now a lot of leisure venues or entertainment venues are beginning to play the nostalgic line, how to make the overall environment, retro style, how to become nostalgic wind. But we often see some of the seaside cafes or leisure bars like to put the location in the doorway of the lake, and then hold the umbrella, the screen is really beautiful. But according to experience we all know, like the general wood products in the sun’s exposure, the rain after the erosion should become dilapidated, why do they seem dirty? In fact, the secret of which is very simple, because they use the outdoor heavy bamboo flooring itself a waterproof and moisture-proof effect, as long as a little maintenance, of course, outdoor maintenance will be more cumbersome than the indoor, let’s take a look at the following One of the techniques.

We all know that over time, the way to wear water, the face of outdoor heavy bamboo flooring, the simplest and most direct way is to remove the water in time, only in a timely manner, will not let the rain more continuous corrosion of bamboo land, if not Timely treatment of water, coupled with too dirty exposure is prone to cracks or fade and so on. And then regularly to the heavy bamboo floor waxing, as to what wax and no special requirements, but generally use the floor wax or wood wax oil. In addition, but also regular cleaning, to keep the bamboo flooring clean. If you want to use a special cleaning agent, or satisfied with the water for cleaning, in order to better maintain its gloss, our best way is to wax waxing, or Waxing.

In fact, this is for the maintenance of outdoor heavy bamboo flooring is still relatively simple. The key is to adhere to the words or need to work hard. Not two days fishing three days drying net, this will be counterproductive. At the same time, for the production of heavy bamboo flooring process is also more mature, so we in the selection of time, you can choose some pattern, groove shallow, so the drainage effect will be better. Another point to note is that in the purchase of heavy bamboo flooring, not the bigger the better bamboo age, generally in the four to six years of the best. Four years ago too tender, six years later too old, so do not like some shopping guide said, the older the better.

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